dna toolbox

Here are some tools and resources that you can use as part of your journey in being a disciple and living out DNA. If you find one of them helpful and encouraging, let us know by Sharing a Story.

New City Catechism

Who is God? What is God? How do we know? Why does it matter? Having a true understanding of God from Scripture means having a true theology that is unshaken by the world around us and leads us to a place of truly knowing and loving God. This resource can help you (and your family) develop a solid, biblical understanding of God. It's a series of questions & answers for your whole family to gain a perfect balance of biblical theology, practical ethics, and spiritual experience. You can access this resource online for free at www.newcitycatechism.com. There is also an iPad app available.

aLife Magazine:

Complimentary subscriptions of Alliance Life (alife) magazine are available to individuals in US Alliance churches. aLIFE is the official magazine of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, and each month tells the stories of what’s happening around the world as we partner together to complete the Great Commission. For more information, email ALIFE@cmalliance.org or call 719-265-2171.

Tools for Developing DNA:

  • Divine Truth

The best way to know Christ is the Word is by reading the Bible regularly. The YouVersion Bible app is one of many great tools. You can download the app here for your device. In addition to using it to engage with the message each week, you can make use of one (or more) reading plans via your browser, email, or mobile device. Click here to view and search the various reading plans. What plan are you using?

Or maybe you're more of a "listener" than a "reader". Check out DailyAudioBible.com to be able to hear a selection from the Bible each day. Over the course of a year, you will have heard the entire Bible.

  • Apostolic Mission

Simple Ways to Be Missional - An e-book offering simple steps you can take to intentionally engage others with the gospel in your neighborhood, school, or workplace.

Building a Missional Family - What does it look like to build a marriage, raise children and build a family around Jesus, the gospel and mission? In this helpful guide you will receive 18 practical resources for building an apostolic marriage and raising apostolic children. You'll have to either tweet, like, or Google+ to access the free content.

Practical Ways to be Missional - Sometimes we think that living out our apostolic mission means adding events and projects into our already busy schedules. Really it's just about living as Jesus lived in the places we already are - our families, neighborhood, work, school, and activities. This resource includes practical examples of simple things you can begin doing to bring gospel intentionally to your schedule. Hopefully as you are reading through these examples it will spark ideas for your own life. You'll need to either tweet, like, or Google+ to unlock the free content.


Receive weekly prayer requests related to the work happening around the world through the Christian & Missionary Alliance. The Pray page on the CMA website, updated every Monday, lists the prayer requests and also has a link to an iPhone app and a place where you can sign up to receive the requests weekly via email.

Echo Prayer App

Are you looking for a tool to help you pray? There's a new app for that. Echo Prayer is an app for iPhone and Android that exists to help you pray by keeping track of prayer requests, reminding you to pray, and creating space for prayer. It won't pray for you, but can help you pray more consistently like the Bible talks about in 1 Thess. 5:16-18. Prayer is the primary work of God's people. Check it out...